Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dental Check-Up for Jasper - 4 1/2 years old

I've been a little slack on Jasper's dental check-ups.  The irony is that I took Jasper in for a 1 year check-up and 2 year check-up.

The fact that we don't have him signed up on our dental insurance has not helped in me getting him in.  I did the math to add him to our policy, and it is cheaper to just do cash pay visits for him.

Our dentist moved, and that's when I went downhill on my diligent efforts.

Jasper did have a 3  1/2 year check-up, but the dentist decided he probably wasn't going to sit still for x-rays, so he just got a cleaning.  Everything looked fine then.

 We are now going to Dr. Brandon Grieve.  His practice is called Tiny Little Chompers.  Dr. Brandon is a great dentist and is great with kids.

He told Jasper that he was going to count his teeth, and asked Jasper to guess how many teeth he had.

Of course Dr. Brandon knew the answer already -- 20.  Jasper has been walking around all day saying, "I have 20 teeth."

At this 4  1/2 year check-up Jasper had front x-rays but wasn't too keen on getting the films way in the back of his mouth, so they just said we'd try again next time.
He was a bit fidgety for the cleaning, but did okay.  He does not like the suction or water spray.  Jasper did bring 2 of his baby puppies with him to the dental visit.

It had been over a year, so I was a bit worried about my sweet-tooth boy having cavities.

I was right.  He has two tiny cavities.  So we're going back in two weeks to get them fixed.

And we are getting on the 6 month check-up schedule. :)

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