Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank You Von's!

Jasper and I made a quick run to Von's after our private family swim party to grab some ice cream.

I hardly ever go to Von's because I think their prices are too high. But Von's is the closest store to our house, and sometimes convenience wins out.

Today I let Jasper walk around the store with me. I usually put him in a shopping cart, but lately I've been letting him walk beside me in the store if we're going to be quick. He did really well until he spotted 2 dozen cookies on the bakery isle.

When we made it to the register every Von's front end employee was very concerned as to why Jasper (a.k.a. the cutest boy they have ever seen) was crying.

I explained to them that he was crying because he wanted a cookie. They then asked me why he couldn't just have a cookie. I explained that he didn't just want one cookie, but a package of 2 dozen. They then offered to run to the bakery and get Jasper a couple of free cookies.

Two minutes later Zach rounded the corner to our checkout stand with 2 large chocolate chip cookies. Crying stopped.

Though I balk at Von's high prices, it is hard to imagine that I would ever have the same experience at super Wal-Mart or anywhere else.

Swim Party

We had our own little private family swim party today. Today is the first day that Mike's been swimming with us this year.

As I suspected, Jasper was thrilled to have Mike in the pool.

I am sporting my long sleeve rash guard shirt that I am loving. It is nice to not have to slather my arms and back with sunblock if I am only swimming for 30 minutes.

Below are a few little video clips.

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