Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trick or Treat

We're getting ready!

Can't wait to see Jasper in his Halloween costume. He is going to be Michael Phelps...8 tiny medals and all. He does love to swim you know.

Pack It Up!

I am trying to start packing for our upcoming trip to Kirtland, OH and Palmyra, NY. Step 1 was simply to get all of the luggage out. Jasper was thrilled, and thought that I put the suitcases out just for him. He spent a good hour opening and closing them.

Jasper loved that the tiny suitcase was inside of a larger one -- a double deal to open and close.

He kept putting his pumpkin in the suitcase and packing it up, and then unpacking it.

I love my little helper. Unfortunately, we don't seem to get much done during the day besides our basic daily chores. We do have a lot of fun playing together!

Matching Hair Cuts

Since Jasper's hair grows really fast, we went super short on this hair cut. Mike was thrilled, because now he and Jasper have matching hair cuts

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