Monday, August 31, 2009

Mt. Charleston

On Saturday there was nothing that we HAD to do. Lots of things that should be done, but nothing that couldn't wait.

We decided that we needed a little family fun and cool mountain air.

After Jasper's nap we loaded up Mike's car and headed for Mt. Charleston.

We took Mike's car because who wants to race down winding canyon roads in a mini-van if you could be in an Infiniti?

I could not believe that it was forty degrees cooler at Mt. Charleston than in Henderson. Yes, we're going back soon.

We drove around both canyons, checked out some camp sites (including the location for our upcoming ward camp out) and trails and let Jasper run wild at Upper Lee Meadows.

Does anyone have any secrets on crossing over the empty riverbed to get to Lee Meadows?

It was a little tricky up and down the steep slopes with a 2 year old. It seems like there would be a place to cross. Could someone build me a small bridge please. :>

Mike and Jasper had a wonderful time exploring stumps, trunks, trees, hills, the riverbed and rocks.

We have now learned that we should keep a football in the car at all times.

We met a family who was playing football in the meadow, and Jasper wanted their ball. They were kind enough to include him for a little bit, and he was happy as could be with that football.

Jasper even threw a pretty long pass before he had to return their ball.

Can't wait to get back up there!

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