Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back in Beaver

Jasper and I are in Beaver again. We happy to be here and are looking forward to all of the 24th of July activities.

It took us 5 hours to get here, because Jasper kept having a meltdown, so we are REALLY glad to actually be here.

We're staying with my dear friend Bonnie again. We're excited about a BBQ in her backyard on the 24th. The fireworks show is not far from her house and she promised we'll have a great view. I love fireworks, so I can't wait for the show!

Once we FINALLY arrived, we had a nice dinner at Maria's with my grandpa and then went up to my grandpa's house. We hung out on the lawn and were hoping for the nightly visits from the rabbits and tiny bunnies. They love to nibble on grandpa's lawn. No such luck tonight. Grandpa thinks we scared them off. Grandpa even went upstairs on the balcony see if he could see them in his outlying orchard. There is always tomorrow.

My grandpa's lawn is huge, and Jasper really wore himself out chasing me around. Grass is a novelty for Jasper, so he had fun poking it and touching it and crawling through it. The beautiful weather made for a perfect evening.

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