Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mom's Keys

I mentioned before that Jasper loves the stairs and the railing. One thing that the stairs and the railing have in common is my keys. In an effort to keep track of my keys, I keep hang them on the downstairs railing, on the way out the back door.

Jasper LOVES to climb up to the 4th step and play with my keys. He rattles them. He bangs them. He pulls on them...hard. They bring him joy.

Storytime with Daddy

These are the sweet moments that I always want to remember.

During the week, Mike & Jasper don't really get to spend that much time together, so Mike really tries to make every minute count when he is home.

This "Bedtime Peekaboo" book is one of Jasper's current favorites. Problem is, he likes it so much that he has torn 3 of the lift-off peekaboo pages out. Luckily it is a board book, so I have just taped the cardboard laminated pages back in with some heavy duty packing tape. It is now a true children's book -- torn pages and all.

Do you have any great kids books to recommend?

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