Friday, May 15, 2009

Swim Team

My new nickname for Jasper is "swim team". I know it's not grammatically correct, but that's what I call him when we head to the van after our swimming excursions.

He started swimming lessons this week, plus we swim most days after Jasper's nap.

A lot of kids in our neighborhood take swim lessons from a lady named Michelle at her home. She only lives 7 minutes away, which is really nice.

We started going on Tuesday. I thought that Jasper would be in a class with a few other kids, but since he is only 1, he goes to private lessons for 20 minutes at a time, vs. 30 minutes in a class.

Maisey, who's 2, has lessons the same time that we do. Michelle's daughter team teaches with her and they trade off with the kids.

I call them swim lessons but really they are helping Jasper be pool safe. Either way, he has a lot of fun.

They motivate Jasper by making him chase balls around the pool. Sometimes Jasper throws his own balls and then swims after them. He's got quite an arm on him.

When Jasper is kicking Michelle often comments that he's got a motor on him. Yes, I said -- he's all boy!

She said that he's pretty good for only being one. I told her that maybe his Halloween costume last year was foreshadowing for things to come. (He was Michael Phelps).

We go every day, as they say repetition is the key. Jasper is getting tubes in his ears on June 3rd, so we'll go until then.

I am posting a few videos here at the end.

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