Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I tried to plan a surprise birthday party two weeks ago for Mike at his office.

I got busted when the receptionist patched my call through to the office manager (who's office is next to Mike's). Her phone was in speaker mode, so Mike hears the receptionist say -- I have Angela for you on line one.

Five minutes later, outside his office he hears this at his secretary's desk (who's phone is also in speaker mode) -- Angela is on line one.

Mysteriously a meeting then appears on Mike's calendar the afternoon of his birthday with a client who Mike just got off the phone with. And of course the client told Mike that he doesn't need to meet with Mike for a while.

Mike then questions his office manager -- Why did my wife call you? Oh -- she replies -- she just wanted to tell me how cute Jasper is. Mike -- huh?

Mike then drills his secretary. Why do I have a meeting with this client on the afternoon of MY BIRTHDAY?

And that was the end of the SURPRISE birthday party.

But I don't give up so easily. So I decided to plan a Valentine's Day surprise lunch with Jasper and I at our favorite Italian restuarant. Here's the email I sent to Mike's secretary:

Will you please block Mike's calendar off from 11-12:30 on Feb. 13th.
Title of meeting: Your wife and Jasper would like to SURPRISE you and take you to lunch for Valentine's Day at La Golosita

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