Sunday, May 24, 2009

Building Blocks

These nesting blocks from Costco were a $10 well spent.

I love that they nest and don't take up a lot of room when stored. I even take them on trips with us.

Here's a video of Jasper walking around with a block on his foot in our hotel room last month. He was obsessed with putting a tiny block on his tiny foot and walking around with it. Silly boy!
My little tomato plant from Costco is yielding some ruby red Roma's that I am very happy about.

Nothing like garden fresh tomatoes.


To my surprise, Jasper is really good at sharing food.

Today we shared a sherbet push-up, and Jasper was very willing to give me bite or two.

He also had a great time feeding me pretzel sticks during sacrament meeting. Thanks for the snack Jasper!

Here's a video below:

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