Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How can I help you?

Do you need some extra help around your house?
Look no further. You've found your man!
Jasper has MANY services that he can offer you around the house.

Do you need someone to chew on every item that can partially fit in a mouth to make sure it is a sturdy & good product? Jasper can meet your needs, and add in a bonus of drool covering the item so you know it has been tested. And...he never complains about what the item being tested tastes like.
Do you lay awake at night wondering if all of cupboards and drawers in your kitchen and bathroom can open and close ALL of the way? Jasper can help put your mind at ease.
Have you ever wondered if the soap dispenser in your dishwasher is opening and closing properly? Jasper definitely has you covered on this one. He offers his 100 point inspection, where he will PERSONALLY open and close the soap dispenser in your dishwasher 100 times to make sure it is up to par. This is peace of mind that really you really can't put a price on.
Is your dishwasher too empty to run a load? Jasper can add random items to your dishwasher (like a string of caribeaners) to help you have a full dishwasher so you can run wash those dishes guilt free.

Are you 100% sure that your dishwasher racks can slide in and out and in again on the rolling tracks? This is something that Jasper can test for you.
Are you concerned that your railing is not stable? Do you wish that someone could come in and really rattle the bars with a full 19 lbs of strength? This is big client pleaser and Jasper doesn't see it as demeaning work at all.
Do you feel like your kitchen is a little too tidy, and that your house would look more "lived in" if you had a few items strewn across the floor? This is a service where Jasper really excels.
Jasper is offering a FREE a free trial of all of the services listed above.
Please let us know if you are interested.

Thank you!

Sure love my Mike

Late one night last week I was decluttering the kitchen island and I found a small pad of hot pink post-it notes. I was going to just toss them and be done with my decluttering.

Instead, I decided to be the sweet, fun loving wife that I sometimes am and leave a little message of love for my sweetheart to see in the morning.

Mike works so hard to provide for our family and is a great husband and father. I feel like I need to recognize him more.


Silly faces and funny noises

Jasper seems to always have a new noise or face that he is making.

His current favorite face is where he sucks his lips into a small circle when he is really excited about something and makes a Darth Vader kind of breathing noise.

His other favorite current noise is a clickety-clack when he clicks his tongue at the roof of his mouth. This another noise he makes when he is really excited about something.

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