Thursday, June 19, 2008

Busy Beavers

Bonnie married into a family that loves to spend time in the mountains. They all had their campers set up in the mountains for a family get together. Jasper and I were lucky enough to be invited up for a day of fun.

While we were on a 4wheel ride we drove by a beaver dam. Bonnie says that every year it gets bigger. We could easily see the trees that the beavers had used for their dam. It was beautiful in the mountains. Jasper had a lot of fun, and he especially like all of the dogs that were there at the camp. Jasper has quite an affinity for puppies, and his favorite was a little dog that was just about his size. When we arrived and got out of Bonnie's car, Jasper could hear all of the dogs barking. He immediately started flapping his arms and babbling with glee.

Jasper and I took a little nap in Bonnie's camper. It was such a treat to feel the cool mountain breeze and look out at the pine trees. We were having such a great time that I told Bonnie we should just sleep over, but her husband had already taken the generator home, so we had no way to turn the heater on at night. This is of course is a foreign concept to me, as it is so hot in Las Vegas right now.

First Tooth...gone!

While Jasper and I were home with Brennan and Jaden tonight, Bonnie's son Jaden lost his first tooth! Wahoo! He has been waiting a while for this loose tooth to finally come out.

Going to Grandpa's

Tonight I took Jasper up to my Grandpa's house for the first time. Grandpa took Jasper and I out to dinner at one of my favorite Beaver restaurant's, Maria's. It is only open during the summer. The salsa is great and I love the shredded beef taco salad. I ordered Jasper a side of refried beans, as he seems to really like them.

After dinner we headed up Grandpa's house with Bonnie's boys. Bonnie and her husband had a couple's club dinner to attend, and I was happy to take her boys. They are so great with Jasper! hey even help load and unload him from the car. Brennan fed Jasper an ice cream cone on the way to the mountains yesterday. I warned Brennan that once you start feeding Jasper ice cream he is very impatient between bites. Brennan soon learned this to be very true, as he just couldn't get the ice cream in his mouth fast enough.

My grandpa lives on a mountain outside town. He moved to Beaver almost 30 years ago when he retired as a firefighter in California. I have spent a lot of time at my Grandpa's house, so I was thrilled to take Jasper there.

Adventureland = Beaver

Jasper and I are staying with my very best friend growing up, Bonnie. Her two boys, Brennan and Jaden are so great to Jasper, and he loves them.

Yesterday we went up to Little Reservoir in the mountains. Bonnie's boys made boats out of 2 liter bottles and they were anxious to test them out. The shoreline was not the best for boat floating, but we had a great time anyway.

Parowan Pit Stop

We ALMOST made it all the way to Beaver from Vegas without stopping. But, Jasper started having a meltdown after Cedar City, so I knew we would need to stop in Parowan to nurse and stretch our legs. Lucky for us, Bonnie's grandparents, who I also affectionately refer to as Grandpma and Grandpa, live in Parowan. They have the kind of home where you know you are welcome anytime, day or night. With or without advance warning.

So we popped up on the steps and were greeted with a hearty hug from my adopted granpda. I snapped a picture of their front porch, just for memory sake. I have had a lot of good times visiting their house over the years. I remember once when I was attending SUU and had gone to visit my grandparents in Beaver for the weekend. I was driving back to Cedar City from Beaver late at night in a horrible snowstorm. When I left Beaver it was just lightly snowing. As I headed down the freeway the storm became fierce. I could not see the road and was really scared.

I got off in Parowan and spent the night in borrowed frilly nightgown . Even though everyone was already asleep by the time I pulled up, they happily got up to let me in and gave me a comfy bed and warm flannel quilt to sleep in that night.
I took a photo of some levi's on the clothes line because it reminded me of days gone by, when we used to hang our clothes on the line when I was younger. It also reminded me of a comment my mom kept making when she was in Vegas visiting us. She would always say, "Let's just hang the wet clothes out to in the backyard. It is hot enough that they would dry in 5 minutes". She is probably right.

Having a great time in Beaver

We are having a wonderful time in Beaver and are a little sad to leave tomorrow. Of course we miss Mike & we look forward to being home with him. The weather is perfect in the mountains and we spent most of the day up there today. It is so beautiful here.

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