Thursday, June 19, 2008

Parowan Pit Stop

We ALMOST made it all the way to Beaver from Vegas without stopping. But, Jasper started having a meltdown after Cedar City, so I knew we would need to stop in Parowan to nurse and stretch our legs. Lucky for us, Bonnie's grandparents, who I also affectionately refer to as Grandpma and Grandpa, live in Parowan. They have the kind of home where you know you are welcome anytime, day or night. With or without advance warning.

So we popped up on the steps and were greeted with a hearty hug from my adopted granpda. I snapped a picture of their front porch, just for memory sake. I have had a lot of good times visiting their house over the years. I remember once when I was attending SUU and had gone to visit my grandparents in Beaver for the weekend. I was driving back to Cedar City from Beaver late at night in a horrible snowstorm. When I left Beaver it was just lightly snowing. As I headed down the freeway the storm became fierce. I could not see the road and was really scared.

I got off in Parowan and spent the night in borrowed frilly nightgown . Even though everyone was already asleep by the time I pulled up, they happily got up to let me in and gave me a comfy bed and warm flannel quilt to sleep in that night.
I took a photo of some levi's on the clothes line because it reminded me of days gone by, when we used to hang our clothes on the line when I was younger. It also reminded me of a comment my mom kept making when she was in Vegas visiting us. She would always say, "Let's just hang the wet clothes out to in the backyard. It is hot enough that they would dry in 5 minutes". She is probably right.

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