Thursday, June 19, 2008

Going to Grandpa's

Tonight I took Jasper up to my Grandpa's house for the first time. Grandpa took Jasper and I out to dinner at one of my favorite Beaver restaurant's, Maria's. It is only open during the summer. The salsa is great and I love the shredded beef taco salad. I ordered Jasper a side of refried beans, as he seems to really like them.

After dinner we headed up Grandpa's house with Bonnie's boys. Bonnie and her husband had a couple's club dinner to attend, and I was happy to take her boys. They are so great with Jasper! hey even help load and unload him from the car. Brennan fed Jasper an ice cream cone on the way to the mountains yesterday. I warned Brennan that once you start feeding Jasper ice cream he is very impatient between bites. Brennan soon learned this to be very true, as he just couldn't get the ice cream in his mouth fast enough.

My grandpa lives on a mountain outside town. He moved to Beaver almost 30 years ago when he retired as a firefighter in California. I have spent a lot of time at my Grandpa's house, so I was thrilled to take Jasper there.

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