Monday, January 12, 2009

Busy Babbling Bather

As I have mentioned before, Jasper could spend hours in the sink if he was given the chance.

He is just babbling up a storm these days. Not sure what he's saying -- but he sings and "talks" all day long.

Here's a snippet from today's sink time activities.

You should see what the other kid looks like...

The above is Mike's favorite response to inquiries about Jasper's shiner.

Yes, Jasper manged to get his first black eye one week ago. I had secretly hoped the first one might happen on Mike's watch, not mine.

It happened when Jasper took a header during his bath last Monday.

I can't wait until it clears up, because everywhere we go, EVERYONE has to ask about it.


I was looking through photos on my computer tonight and found some photos of my nephew Parker from 7 years ago.

Mike took Jasper to get his hair cut last week, and it is pretty short. With Jasper's new hair cut, he and Parker look A LOT alike to me.

When we were at my parents home this summer Parker and Jasper got to hang out together. We think Parker is a very handsome young man. Watch out Parker -- your twin is right behind you!

Valentine Crafts

Last week I had a Valentine craft party with Miss E and Miss L while their parents went out to dinner.

Jasper tried to help me babysit, but he was whisked away by Mike early on in the evening, as to stop him from further destruction at their house.

We decorated heart tins with stickers, paper hearts and good old modge podge.

We also made Valentine craft garland. We used 2 inch wide ribbon, and a gluestick to add paper hearts to the ribbon. It was super easy and they turned out really cute!

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