Thursday, February 26, 2009


After 5 weeks of pregnancy, things have unfortunately come to an abrupt end for our little baby.

My friend Becky dropped me off at the St. Rose Sienna ER around 10 PM last night. I was bleeding and cramping really bad. I left the boys at home to sleep, as I suspected that we could have a long night and next few days ahead. Mike slept for 2 hours and Jasper slept the whole night through.

My hCG (pregnancy hormone) levels have not been rising as quickly as they should, which has caused my OB (Dr. Kenneth Jones) to suspect an ectopic pregnancy from day one.

My ultrasound in the ER confirmed that our baby was growing in my tube, right near my ovary. I was bleeding and things didn't look too good, so my OB came in and operated at 4 AM laproscopicly and terminated the pregnancy.

I feel very blessed that we caught things in time. I was able to keep my right ovary and tube. They are slightly damaged, but should heal almost completely.

I was so happy to see Mike and Jasper in the recovery room at 7 AM this morning. Jasper crawled onto the gurney with me. Hugs and kisses from both of my boys was just what I needed post-op. I am home now and resting.

Because we were worried about the viability of the pregnancy from the beginning, I chose to be open about the fact that I was pregnant. I felt like it would be easier to talk about losing the baby if my friends and family knew what was going on from the beginning.

Thanks again for your prayers and support.

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