Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ready to Wrap, Ready to Craft

I am babysitting two girls for 4-5 hours tomorrow so my friend (their mom) can go volunteer at the cannery.

I spent time tonight setting up for the scheduled events. I brought a folding table in the "craft zone", because everything has to be up off the floor, out of reach of two tiny, very busy hands.

We are going to make felt Christmas stockings. The Etsy shop RikRak is serving as our inspiration. We are adding sequins and mini pom-pom trim to to jazz things up a bit.

Since I seem to be unable to get a thing done if it is just me and Jasper, so I asked the girls if they would be willing to help me wrap gifts. We are going to wrap our gifts for Mike's co-workers.

I pre-cut all the wrapping paper and ribbon, so hopefully we can plow through all 40 boxes. I hung the ribbon from our kitchen chandelier, in hopes that it would be safe from Jasper's
grip. We'll see how well that plan works. :>

Should be a super fun day!

Just a Nice Day

Today was all girls, all day -- plus a little tiny man named Jasper.

He and I went on a walk and then hung out with my friend and her daughters,and their friends.

The walk took quite a while, as the girls meandered up and down the streets. At one time, the younger girls were pretending to be Hansel & Gretel, and dropping small rocks (which for this game of pretend were breadcrumbs) along the sidewalk where we strolled.

The older girls skipped along, innocently holding hands, and just enjoying the day and their friendship.

It all brought back memories of my childhood in Beaver, Utah and my best friend growing up -- Bonnie. Love you Bon!

The Music Man

Besides "the truck" that Jasper ALWAYS has in his hand, his new favorite toy is a small music player. When I hoisted him into his high chair this morning, he kept his grip on both toys.

The music player is another one of my 25 cent Goodwill bargains. It is so old, that it has no volume control and no on/off switch.

Now toymakers are smarter, and offer these sanity saving options on musical toys. The funniest thing is to watch Jasper sing along with the songs.

On Sunday, I made Mike remove it from his vise like grip and hide it -- because I could not take the songs anymore. It stayed hidden for 2 days. Then Jasper spotted it. Way up high on top of a cabinet. He stood there like a hunting dog treeing his prey, screeching and yelping until I rescued the toy.

And ever since then I've been thinking -- we need a new hiding place!

Special Christmas Blanket

One of my friends is collecting new blankets women who are on bed rest at the hospital during Christmas. She has spent time in the hospital during this time of year because of past childbirth complications.

Miss J, Jasper and I had fun singing Christmas carols as we danced around the store while choosing this fabric yesterday. We are going to make a snuggly blanket full of love. We are looking forward to joining my friend and her family to deliver the blankets a few days before Christmas.

While my friend and her family were delivering the blankets last year someone asked her, “Why did you do this for me?" Her husband replied "Because we've been here".

If you want to make a blanket too, they need to be completed by Dec. 17th and we are delivering them on Dec. 21st. You are invited to join if you want to. It is a great way to start feeling the Christmas spirit.

Grumpy Santa 2

I am still trying to get a photo of Jasper in his Santa hat. All attempts continue to be futile.

He refuses to smile while wearing "the hat". Mike says that I am torturing him. He might have a point there.

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