Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pool #3

Finally, pool #3.

I bought this pool a few weeks ago. Jasper & I had just returned home from the cool breezes of the Beaver mountains to the 117 degree heat in Las Vegas. As we walked though the pool section we noticed that everyone we passed had this pool in their cart. I decided that we did not need it, took 5 steps, and then turned back for an impulse purchase.

Then the obvious problem arose -- where are we going to put it. It is 10 ft x 6 ft, larger than our patch of fake grass. No problem, we copied our friends and built a wood platform on the rocks. After a late night trip to Lowe's for the supplies, and some drilling and assembly by Mike, we were ready to go.

We placed one tarp on top of the platform and use the other big tarp for the pool cover. It is NOT pretty, but it works.

Jasper LOVES to crawl up an down the pool. This pool is a winner because he can stand up and hold onto the sides, but he can't get out...yet.

Pool #2

I bought this little beauty at CVS last year for $1 at the end of the summer. I thought, "How can you go wrong for $1?"

Well, we had a few problems.

#1 Our backyard is not even, so the pool literally had a deep end and a shallow end. It was very lopsided. It was so bad, that I resorted to using rocks to hold the side up.

#2 Jasper liked to pull the side of the pool down and let the water out. This was our biggest problem.

There were a few great things about this pool too.

#1 Jasper loves to splash, and he could really get his game on in this little pool. I am including photos of two of his best splashes. One where he splashed so hard it went in his face and gave him a little scare. He doesn't know his own splash strength.

#2 Jasper's favorite pool activity besides splashing is to crawl in circles and chase things. Mostly whatever bath toys I bring out, but my empty water bottle or cup will do just fine.

The water in this pool was low enough that he could crawl without taking in too much water. I included a photo of what I call his "low crawl". This is his depth limit where he can chase the toys and still not swallow a gallon of water.

Pool #1

This was a Wal-Mart special that was a super starter pool for our tiny man. It is affectionately known as the teeny tiny pool.

We knew it was time to upgrade because:

#1 It really was teeny tiny. We could both fit, but couldn't move around much.

#2 Jasper could crawl out, or stand up and pick up rocks to eat. So, we decided to upgrade.

On the plus side, it really helped Jasper be comfortable moving around in water and even going under water.

So great to see you!

Earlier this week we were treated to a quick visit from some dear friends that we have not see for several years. In fact, I think the last time I saw them they lived in Salt Lake City and their daughter who is 5 years old was just a few months old. Thanks to email we have been able to keep in touch.

Their family was driving from California to Utah. We met at In 'N Out for a bite and to try and catch up, as we tried to keep up with our kids.

Megan and I were Academy for Girls counselors together and eventually roommates in Provo at the Chatham Town condos. Meg and her mom were kind enough to provide the music at our wedding reception 7 years ago. Megan is an excellent harpist. Sure wish we lived closer!

Love you Meg and Clint!

He was a litte chunk-a-monk

As I confessed in an earlier post, I used to be worried that Jasper was gaining too much weight. He has really thinned out the last few months, and I have taken a little flack for once being so concerned.

This weekend Mike burned our family videos onto a DVD, and after watching them I am feeling a little vindicated by watching the videos of a younger Jasper. He was a chunky monkey!

Here's a photo of him at two and a half months old to prove my point.

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