Saturday, December 27, 2008

Just Trying to Get Something Done

I feel like I can never get anything done lately. Is this just part of being a mom?

I was trying to do some online research for some appliances and Jasper just couldn't keep his fingers (and trains) off my keyboard.

I finally stuck him on my shoulders, and he was quite happy up there. I had five whole minutes of uninterrupted computer time...I think I will try it more often.

Daddy's Shoes

Jasper is pretty obsessed with shoes right now. You better keep your shoes on. If he spots them, he'll slip them on.

Mike has a pair of running shoes that Jasper LOVES! I think it is because they have a tag in the back, which he thinks is a carrying handle. These are Jasper's favorite shoes by far.

When he is not hauling Mike's shoes out the door and all over the house, he's wearing them.

We're not sure what thrill comes from dragging Mike's shoes outside, but Jasper has added this to his list of chores.

I caught him dropping the shoes off outside (he can only carry one at a time), and then making a get away down the side of the house.

I told you, he's busy.

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