Friday, July 25, 2008

I Love To See the Temple

If we need to stop on our way to and from Beaver, we stop at the St. George Temple. I love to show Jasper the displays in the Visitors Center and share my testimony of Jesus Christ with him as we walk around the Temple grounds.

When I was a counselor for Academy for Girls we would take our girls to the Salt Lake Temple every week and share a lesson about Temples with them on the Temple grounds. I knew that I wanted to repeat these spiritual experiences with my own children.

Jasper is doing "the Horse stance"on the Temple grounds. I found this amusing, as Mike loves to show us his Kung Fu moves, especially the Horse.

When Jasper reached the top of the stairs he tried to open the Temple doors. I thought it was cute because if you know Jasper you know that he LOVES doors. I hope he will always want to enter the Temple doors.

I made poster size prints of Jasper in front of the Temple and in front of the Christus. When we are in his room I show him the pictures and remind him of our special times there.

Beaver Wildlife

If you are headed back into town from Grandpa Dick's house at dusk you are sure to see deer on the road coming down from the mountains to feed in the fields. Here are two that we watched jump over the fences and play in the sunlight.

I also had to include a photo of a goat that we see every time we leave town. I am sure this goat has a story. If anyone from Beaver is reading this blog and wants to tell me how this family acquired a goat for a pet, I'd love to know. This goat is always on the same spot every time we drive by. Silly goat.

Granpda Dick

My grandpa's name is Richard, but he goes by Dick. I am not sure why. Maybe because it is an alliteration with his last name.

This our 2nd visit to see him this summer. Since he lives on a mountain, the winter is a big no go for going to his house. I can remember one Christmas day walking up the road to his house with my family and all of our presents in tow in big trash bags. Boy, we were ambitious.

My grandpa has an amazing green thumb. He can grow anything. In addition to peaches, apples, tomatoes and cherries, he is currently growing green table grapes. On a mountain in Southern Utah. I had to take the photos to prove it.

My grandpa is a volunteer extraordinaire. He has coached more baseball, softball, t-ball and football teams than anyone I know. And he has the awards, trophies and plaques to prove it. His living room is a bit of a hall of fame. Included are his awards as former Beaver School Board President and member, and community service awards.

Each trip I do a living history on video and record my grandpa answering questions about his life and family. So since I was documenting, I figured his awards deserved their own photo shoot. Please note that this is only a small portion. I am serious.

Thanks for your example granpda Dick.

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