Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Piano Man

Jasper hung out at Rachelle's house this morning so I could get some packing done. (Thank you Rachelle).

Jasper walked in her home and climbed right up to the piano bench and started plunking away.

Mike is laughing at me because I told him that I think Jasper might be a piano prodigy. :> Here's my concrete evidence:

At church, he always heads for the piano. He loves to sneak into singing time in Primary. When he was at my friend Elizabeth's house last week he was easily entertained at the piano -- playing and singing with her. And last but not least, Jasper has listened to enough Mozart while he is sleeping to make him a pure genius.

I am sure after hearing my solid evidence you completely agree with me.

I am trying to talk Mike into getting a piano, so I thought this photo might help my cause. Who wouldn't want to get a piano for this little cutie pie? :>

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