Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

On Tuesday Jasper and I made our annual trip to the firm to hand out goodies for Administrative Professionals Day. We had a wonderful time. I like to drop our treats off the day before so that we are not competing with all the other gifts.

We had a basket full of different candy choices and some lotions and other items. I like to let everyone pick their own treat -- then they get exactly what they like the best.

Jasper was dressed in his best duds and was thrilled that some people were willing to share their peanut m&m's with them.

Some people asked if Jasper was unhappy, because he had somewhat of a smirk on his face all morning.

I quickly explained that he had shoved 6 peanut m&m's in his mouth like a chipmunk, and he was just trying to keep them from falling out.

THANK YOU to all of the support staff at Mike's firm! You are the best!

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