Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Favorite Reads

Jasper's current favorite reads are The Friend magazine and some Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme cards.

Jasper likes you to read him ALL 26 of the Nursery Rhyme cards at nap time AND bedtime. So...I now hum "Three Blind Mice" and whistle "Mary had a Little Lamb" all day long.

The Nursery Rhyme cards are 8 x 10 and laminated. Jasper can manhandle them with minimal damage. Which is good, because I think that Jasper has a crush on Little Miss Muffet. That's his favorite card.

His favorite part about The Friend is the "Friends in the News" section with pictures of other kids.

The neighbor girls are on Spring Break and they came over to play with Jasper today.

When I went upstairs I found all 3 girls and Jasper in his play tent. They were taking turns reading Jasper his nursery rhyme cards one at a time. It was really sweet. They also took him on a bike ride around the neighborhood, which he loved.

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