Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Hostess with the Mostess!

We count ourselves lucky to still be friends with Deb & Luke. They are real gems! We all lived at Shoreline Ridge while Mike was getting his LLM law degree in 2002-2003 at the University of Utah. (Yes, Mike -- the true bluest of all Cougar fans -- spent a year at the U).

They now have 2 super cute kids, Tommy & Katie. I love that Tommy has his Batman mask on in this picture. Jasper and I had a great time at dinner and visiting afterward. In a perfect world, Deb & I would be neighbors. Love you Nehring's!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

For the Love of Dishwashers

If Jasper had to pick a favorite appliance, the dishwasher would top the list, with the fridge and clothes dryer in 2nd & 3rd place.

In an earlier post I talked about how he loves to open and close the soap dispenser and pull the dish rack in and out. I failed to mention earlier how much he loves to take out every single piece of silverware that you load into the cutlery tray.

Jasper has now joined the ranks of Hallie, and has figured out how fun it is to climb on the dishwasher door. What's next? (I am afraid to ask.)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Love this Little Guy!

Hair Cut from Cousin Andria

Jasper & I were thrilled to go downtown and have Mike's cousin Andria cut our hair.

I wasn't sure how to handle taking Jasper, but I put him in the stroller and we did okay.

Thanks Andria! We love you!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Snuggle Buddies

We finally made it to Salt Lake City. By the time we got here Jasper was all tuckered out and ready for a nap. My mom was more than happy to jump in bed and snuggle with Jasper while he slept.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

We LOVE Aunt Shauna & and Uncle Byron

After the sickness cleared, we transferred over to Aunt Shauna's home in Lehi.

We loved seeing her and uncle Byron and her daughter's Jessica and Emily and their kids.

Jasper had a lot of fun with Shauna's son Devin, who is fresh off his mission in Scotland.

Our last night in Lehi we went to an outdoor dance concert that Jessica & Emily's daughters were in.

It was a super cute show and it was a dream to be outside in less than 90 weather on a beautiful green lawn. Oh, the sacrifices of living in Vegas.

Thanks Aunt Shauna! We love you!!!

Baby Dog Whisperer on Location: Lehi, Utah

Jasper continues to LOVE dogs.

Aunt Shauna rescued this little dog named Sassy and Jasper had a lot of fun playing with her.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Silly Bears

Jasper and I got a little silly during our BYU visit. He was in such a fun mood. Thanks to Erica for snapping these shots.

Did I mention that he likes to be flipped upside down???

BYU Visit

Jasper and I had a super fun visit at BYU. We saw Erica, Lindsay, Joanne, Valerie, Denan, Chris, Leanne, Justin, Scott Shelly. I got to know all of these wonderful people while I was working for them as a consultant last year it it was a real treat to see them again and introduce them to Jasper.

Erica & Lindsay took Jasper and I to lunch at Costa Vida. If I told you how many times I ate at Costa Vida take out while I was on assignment in Provo you wouldn't believe me. It seemed like it would have been a sin not to eat there...for old times sake. It was just as delicious as I remembered! Thanks for lunch ladies!

Then we went and hung out on the lawn outside the Harman Building. Jasper, being the true Vegas baby that he is, kept moving toward the cement...even though we were on a HUGE field of beautiful green grass.

As you can tell from the photos, Jasper was in his --please throw me upside down mode -- and loved every single toss and tumble.

At one point I was playing Jasper and crawling after him when someone attending a conference walked over to me and said hello. He told the people he was sitting with, "Hey, I know that girl crawling around. She's in my Ward in Henderson." Yes, that's me. The crazy mom crawling around with her baby.

Valerie, who also works for EFY, is also pregnant. Yes, lots of EFY babies coming. She is one of the most radiant pregnant women that I've ever seen. Jasper was thrilled with his EFY wristband that she gave him. I am glad that he can now get into EFY dances. :>

Then upstairs to my old office to see Joanne. I miss seeing her every morning. I shared an office with Joanne, and she was nothing but nice to me from day one. She suffered with me on all of the days that I was so sick and so tired during my pregnancy. Thanks Joanne!

We got see Camille, who used to be a student employee when I worked in the BYU Employment offiice from 1998-2001. I am so glad we have kept in touch. Camille is now publishing books, and I am so excited for her. I can't wait to use her books with Jasper.

While we were in the lobby Jasper got out all of the LSAT flyers. I thought Mike would appreciate that Jasper was in a legal state of mind during our BYU visit.

Thanks for a great visit.

Walk Like An ????

Jasper can take a few steps on his own, but he seems to prefer the "bum in the air" walk.

Everyone gets a good laugh out of his walk/crawl style. Silly boy!

11 Months Old

We are on location in Lehi at Aunt Shauna's house for this monthly photo shoot.

Aunt Shauna is thrilled to be with us as Jasper is learning how to walk. He took a few wobbly steps at home last month. but he is toddling down the hall these days (while grabbing the wall when he needs to).

Her grandson McKay commented -- Everyone learns how to walk at Grandma Shauna's house.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just Can't Get Enough...

Of the Downtown Provo Marriott -- in particular Valarie and Karen in the Concierge Lounge.

These sweet ladies took the best care of me while I worked for a client in Provo and basically lived in their hotel on and off from Feb. 12 - July 15, 2007. Did I mention that I was pregnant and pretty sick the whole time? Val and Karen were my angels and I will forever love them. I don't know if I could have made it without them. Cathy also took great care of me, but she was off the day we visited.

Since these wonderful ladies put so much work into taking care of me while I was pregnant I wanted them to get to spend some time enjoying the "finished product" (Jasper). Valarie's last name is Jasperson -- so she let's everyone know that we named Jasper after her. :>

They got out the toys. They played. They laughed. They smothered him with kisses. They fed him bananas, goldfish and raisins. They were in Heaven.

We had fun reminiscing.

We remembered the many Apostles and other LDS Church Leaders who we met and visited with while I stayed there. Many of them came to Provo for BYU Graduation and Women's Conference. The room next to my room (#928) is the Presidential Suite where all of the VIP's stayed. It was always fun to see who my neighbors were.

While I was pregnant with Jasper, about the only thing that did not make me puke in the morning was a fruit smoothie. As crazy as it may seem, I kept my Vita-Mix blender in my hotel room and made a smoothie every morning at 6AM. We laughed as we remembered the morning that I dizzily traipsed into the Concierge Lounge at 6AM for some OJ and fruit to add to the blender full of ice I was carrying. The lounge was a flutter with ladies in town for Women's Conference. One gal yelled out -- Does that girl have a Vita-Mix in the hotel???? To which Val replied -- Yes. That's Angela...she lives here.

In case you think that Val & Karen were slacking off at work, Jasper & I went to visit at a time when the concierge lounge was closed. These are two hard working ladies, and I do not want taint their reputation.

I am also including a photo of Teny. He used to work for guest services. He would set my wake-up calls and reset my wake-up call when I stayed up too late working and decided to sleep in a little. He took great care of me. One night I was REALLY sick throwing up. Since I had this problem my entire pregnancy, I couldn't tell if I was actually sick , or if it was pregnancy related. I remember calling down to the front desk at 9:30 PM one night to see if he could give me a Priesthood blessing. He said that Marriott policy did not allow for that, but he called a couple of his friends that came over at 10PM. That blessing got me through the night. I am so happy for Teny, as he has been promoted to Manager. I am glad that someone besides me recognizes hoe great he is.

The next morning the hotel shuttle driver, Edward, took me via Marriott Shuttle to the Emergency Room at Utah Valley Hospital. I spent the day there receiving 4 bags of fluid in an IV because it turns out that I was suffering from a bad case of food poisoning. And when I was feeling much better, Edward drove back to pick me up.

And let's not forget Corey. He now works in Engineering, but for most of my stay he was in Housekeeping. Every night for turndown service you get 2 chocolates on your pillow. Marriott has several varieties, and you are supposed to get 2 different kinds.

But Corey knew that I really only like the chocolate toffee ones. When I would get back to my hotel at night, after a LONG day at work, I always knew if Corey had turned my bed down because he would leave me 2 chocolate toffee treats. It's the little things that matter.

As I said, the Marriott staff took EXCELLENT care of me. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

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