Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our Colors

Choosing the colors for all 3800 square feet of our home just about made me crazy.

When we bought our house the colors were extremely obnoxious, so we had no choice but to paint. When I say extremely obnoxious, I mean -- metallic gold bathrooms, metallic blue and metallic silver bedrooms. We even had a metallic silver ceiling in one of the bedrooms AND the kitchen ceiling was green. Enough said.

I tried to take photos of our paint colors, but I found that it isn't easy to get a photograph to portray the exact color. Our contractor used Devoe paint, and unfortunately they don't have photos of their paint swatches online.

We chose tan, brown and blues for our color scheme. I tried really hard to have "flow" in the house with the continuity of color. Jasper's room is a little brighter and doesn't really blend as well with the other colors. It is a great blue for his room though and looks nice.

Before I go any further I must say that I am VERY GRATEFUL to my friends who came over and gave me their opinion on the colors, as I was burning through quart after quart of paint to find the right color. It helped me to be able to bounce my ideas off others. THANK YOU!

We have a very large cut out in our stairwell that we had painted Deep Brown. It is a color that is similar to our dark brown hardwood floors. Using Deep Brown is my attempt to tie the color of the hardwood floors into the entire color scheme. Our family room, downstairs guest room, and the craft explosion room have dark brown hardwood floors.The back wall of the family room and our front door is Fudge Cookie. We tried to pick a color that brought out the cinammon colors in the slate on each side of this wall.We decided on Spa Blue downstairs for an accent wall and some architectural beams that frame the family room and kitchen. The tile in the formal living and dining room has some blue in it, so I was trying to bring out the blue in the tile.

Upstairs we used it on our bathroom and on an an accent wall in our bedroom. The marble in our bathroom floor has a lot of dark brown and our bathroom cabinets are a dark cherry wood. SPa Blue looks great with the floor and cabinets.

I love Spa Blue, and I was very tempted to have our entire room be this color. But it is a little heavy and looks a very dark at times.My office (sewing room, a.k.a. craft explosion), the guest room, and most of our bedroom is Mild Wind. This color looks great with the dark brown hardwood floors, and surprisingly it looks really good with the tan carpet in our bedroom too.
Jasper's room and sink area are Blue Hydragnea.
The main color of the house is Camel Tan. The downstairs hallways, most of the formal living and dining room, and most of the family room is this color. The stairwell, loft, and upstairs hallways are all camel tan as well.
Mike's office, the laundry room, and Baby #2's room and bath are Traditional Tan. So are 3 of the bathrooms. And no, that is not an announcement that I am pregnant. We're just being hopeful. :>

This color is just one step down from Camel Tan, and you can barely tell the difference, since the rooms that we used it in are smaller spaces than the large areas where we used the darker shade of Camel Tan.

Another Story Time

We are obsessed with story time. We're having so much fun that we signed up at the Gibson Library for story time with Miss Marcie on Tuesday mornings.

I was worried that it would just be a repeat of our Thursday story time at the Paseo Verde library, but I was very wrong. It is different AND wonderful.

Miss Marcie encourages the kids to dance around and explore the whole time. That is right up Jasper's alley.

He had a great time climbing around, and even sat in my lap for a couple books today.

Little Snuggler

Today Jasper has been a snuggly little guy.

Usually he is too busy running around to take time to snuggle.

I hope that there are more snuggly days to come!

Tiny Helper

"Here you go mom." Jasper can't talk yet, but I think that's what he is trying to tell me.

As I have said before, Jasper loves the dishwasher. Lately he likes to help me unload the dishwasher.

He takes out each utensil, one by one, and then hand them to me to put in the silverware drawer.

And as you can see -- shiny forks are a favorite.

It takes about 20 times longer, but it is a lot of fun for Jasper, and he feels like he is helping me out.

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