Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Loving our Lilacs

Last week one of our lilac bushes began to bloom and now we are enjoying the beautiful blossoms.

I bought 2 little lilac bushes two years ago for 75% off, and let's just say they were on clearance for a reason.  They did not look well at all.

But I LOVE lilacs and decided to give them a try.

I only wished they bloomed more than once a year!


Ashby Family said...

So pretty! Color in a yard just make me smile out here : )

Cydnee said...

SO JEALOUS! I need to plant some of those. They are truly a heaven sent bush.

Anonymous said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE lilacs!!! They are beautiful; enjoy them!!


Erica said...

Simply beautiful!!!!!

Danielle said...

Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers and smells! I have two bushes here, but it has been too cold for anything to even think about blooming!

Mary Kay said...

Gorgeous pics, Angela! I need to take a few lessons from you! I love lilacs, too. We have a plant in our yard but it always seems the blooms are gone so fast.

Jill said...

Beautiful! I can smell them now. Cameron is sitting here with me as we view your blog and he said, "I want our flowers to bloom". Our Buzzards returned last night so maybe that means spring is finally going to appear in Northern Wyoming sometime soon. We also thought the Lizard post was great! Love checking in on you!

Cami said...

I can smell them! One of my favorites! We are craving spring around here. Thanks for sharing a piece of it with us. :)

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