Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tiny Car for a Tiny Man

This Fiat 126 has been parked in our neighborhood for a while now. Every time we walk by it catches my eye.

If we are on a walk as a family, Mike tells us stories about when he lived in Italy as a teenager and he & a buddy could lift up and move Fiat Cinquecentos.

I think he likes to tell the story so he can whip his Italian accent every time he pronounces Cinquecento.

While Jasper & I were on a walk we decided to stop and take a good look at this tiny little car.

I figured it was just the right size for my tiny little man.

Welcome Home Daddy!

I made this sign for Mike on Monday. I would have taken more time with my artwork if I would have known that Mike would like it enough to keep it on the door still.

We are always happy (thrilled actually) when daddy comes home!


Jasper and I have been walking many miles each day. We are LOVING the weather, and just can't get enough of the sunshine and fall breezes.

We bought our BOB stroller last year with an REI coupon, and it has been well worth it. I love this stroller!

Tucked in the back pocket are our essentials: water bottle, teddy grahams and a sippy cup. In the stroller console I keep my other water bottle, cell phone and keys.

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