Sunday, July 13, 2008

Stair Blockers

Jasper's love of the stairs seems to be increasing. If he is downstairs on his own for 5 seconds, he starts climbing the stairs. This is especially frustrating when I have just carried him DOWN the stairs. At these times, I really don't feel like climbing back up the stairs to get him, just to carry him down again.

So, I have enlisted the help of my "stair blockers". Unfortunately our stair railing is not conducive to a baby gate. Until Jasper figures out that he can simply walk right between these 2 giant red buckets, they work great! I don't usually put him inside the bins. Their mere presence is enough to deter him.

And for those of you who were worried, I did survive the Spin class, and I am going again tomorrow morning.

On a comical note, when Jasper and I walked out of the gym, we saw an ambulance parked out front. I think that the paramedics were inside working out, but I got a good laugh thinking they were there just in case I overdid it in class.

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