Monday, February 2, 2009

Mr. Fix-It, Jr.

Jasper got his hands on our antenna and completely destroyed it in five minutes. He did a thorough investigation of the device, but ended up breaking it.

He seems to be more of a destroyer than a fixer. :>

The Mother Lode

Jasper loves silverware --emphasis on SILVERware. My guess is that he is taken in by it's luster.

I actually considered completely switching over to plastic kiddie utensils because I was so tired of Jasper feeling like he always needed to take my silverware away from me while I was trying to eat. We went through a phase last month where he needed a fork in each hand while he was in his high chair. Not a plastic IKEA kids-ware fork, a big boy silver fork.

The other day was thrilled to find the bin that we packed all of the silverware and kitchen utensils in. He hit the mother lode.

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