Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Two Straws Please

I hung out with all 3 boys in the Wal-mart video arcade while Bonnie finished shopping. Brennan & Jaden had fun playing a shoot 'em up game. Jasper was content hanging out in the shopping cart because he had his favorite shopping toys -- straws. As long as Jasper has his straws, he's good to go.

Jasper's 1st bike ride

Bonnie & I went to Cedar City with the boys today and stopped off in Parowan to see her grandparents.

Jaden decided to entertain Jasper by getting a tricycle out. It was too big for tiny Jasper, but Jaden was happy to give him a ride.

No matter how much grass their is, Jasper will make a run for the cement. He's a true Vegas boy.

Stumped in Parowan

An old tree stump was all Jasper needed for entertainment this afternoon.

He played it like a drum, walked around it and used it to pull himself up. He found that he could use it to balance himself as he reached over to grab a nearby leaf or bend down to pluck a blade of grass and examine his shadow.

There's more to come tomorrow about our fun day. For now, enjoy the photos of my little drummer boy.

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