Monday, March 2, 2009

Family Home Evening

I will be 100% honest and say that there are weeks when I wonder if anything that we teach Jasper in Family Home Evening on Monday nights will sink in.

Then there are nights like tonight when I think -- This is what you should be doing.

I was in charge of the lesson tonight. We usually have our lessons out of the Nursery Manual: Behold Your Little Ones. Tonight our lesson was "Heavenly Father has a Plan for Me". Yes, we just had this lesson a few months ago, but I really like it.

At times Jasper was more into seeing how many crayons he could pick up at a time than anything else.

We made the corresponding mobile for our activity. Jasper really likes to watch the blades spin on the ceiling fans these days, so I figured that he might appreciate a mobile to add to his viewing pleasure.

If I were to make these again, I would have photocopied the backside too, as the pictures are blank on the back, which doesn't make for great mobile viewing. I think we'll stick some pictures on the back.

As a side note, I cut the photos from the Nursery Manual and made one coloring book-type page per lesson and put them in a book with page protectors. This book can take a beating better from Jasper. If you want a PDF file of this little masterpiece of mine, email me and I will send it to you.

Letters from the Laundry Room

Every once in a while my husband will receive an email from our laundry room -- yes, our laundry room has it's own gmail account.

Today's message went a little something like this:

From: 1151 Laundry Room

Dear Michael,

When you feed Jasper RED fruit snacks at church and then he drools RED down the front of his WHITE dress shirt, please do not casually toss the WHITE dress shirt on my floor. I do not magically stain spray items that have been tossed on my floor.

In the future, please rinse the stain in cold water and scrub with Spray 'n Wash.

IF you are unable to do the above, please hand the shirt to your wonderful wife and say -- Sweetheart, this WHITE dress shirt has a RED STAIN on the front of it and it needs attention RIGHT AWAY.

Otherwise, the cost for Jasper's stained clothing under your care (due to your stain neglect) will be deducted from your secret candy stash budget.

Thank you,
The Laundry Room

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