Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Surgery for the Tiny Man

At 6:30 AM on Wednesday we report to the surgery center so that Jasper can get tubes in his ears.

Besides getting frequent ear infections, Jasper has so much fluid in his ears that he can't hear well. The ENT gave him a hearing test last month and he did not pass in either ear.

We are praying that the tubes will clear up Jasper's ear infections and help him to start talking more.

Last Day of Swim Lessons

This morning was Jasper's last swimming lesson.

Tomorrow he gets tubes in his ears, so we have been swimming right up to the last day possible.

I hate for swimming lessons to come to an end, because Jasper has really been improving the last few days. He went for a total of 13 lessons.

Here he is with his "toy collection" that he has carefully compiled by swimming each of these characters over to the side of the pool.

Most of the time at swim lessons it appears as if they are drowning him. They hold on the back of his neck and try to guide him as he tries to swim.

Thank you to Michelle and Janelle for all of your help. We will miss you!

I am including some videos below.

Run Away

Jasper got away from me during an outfit change after swim lessons.

I just let him run free for a few minutes...sans clothes or a diaper.

I'd like to point out that he did have his shoes on.

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