Monday, June 16, 2008

Hitting the road

The tiny man and I are going to visit family and friends in Beaver, Utah Tuesday through Friday. We are excited to go up in the mountains and have fun. We are most exited to visit, especially my grandpa.

Enjoying TODAY

Sometimes I complain to Mike about the amount of time I spend feeding Jasper. Between breast feeding and then solids three times a day, a big chunk of my day is spent feeding Jasper. I have even found myself thinking...I can't wait until Jasper can feed himself.

I am working on not wishing for tomorrow, and instead just enjoying today.

On the positive side, Jasper is a great eater and is a lot of fun to feed. As you can see in this photo, he loves to cross his leg and bang it on the middle of the high chair. He loves anything that makes noise. It is fun to feed him and have that one-on-one interaction time so up close and personal.

When I feed Jasper bites of bananas I hold up my fake fruit banana to try and teach him what he is eating. He swiped the fake banana from me and started to teeth on it.

For the last 9 1/2 months he has taken a bottle of pumped milk. I have not understood what mom's mean when they say -- my baby won't take a bottle. For the last three months he has happily drank water out of a bottle. All until now. He wants nothing to do with a bottle and won't even touch a sippy cup. He just wants to drink out of a regular cup. That would be fine, except for the fact that he doesn't swallow the water...he tries to chew the water like food and then swallow it. It is quite a funny thing to see. My super smart mom figured out that a Tupperware midget cup is just the right size and sturdiness for Jasper. He's been attempting to drink out of the midget cups for 4 months now and does okay. We always have one packed in the diaper bag for him to use when we eat out. The problem with paper, plastic or stryofoam cups is that he crushes them or he teethes on and eats the rim of the cup.

He is a happy baby and I am so grateful that I get to stay home and raise him. I know that the time will come soon enough when I'll be wishing for these days back. Hopefully I can do a better job at enjoying them now!

Who's Bentley is that?

We ran into Best Buy on Saturday night and saw a very nice Bentley in the parking lot on the way in. I don't know that much about cars, but I do know that Bentley's are very pricey, and that the owner would probably be easy to spot. I half jokingly said -- I am curious to see if we can figure out who in the store owns this car.

When we got in the store Mike and I split up. I forgot about my Bentley owner challenge, but when I met back up with Mike & Jasper, Mike said, "I am pretty sure I know who owns the Bentley". He pointed to a very tall man wearing a flashy gold and silver necklace the size of a bike chain standing across from us. Since I also don't know too much about NBA Basketball stars, I had to ask who it was. Jermaine O'Neal. Turns out he is a super famous player on the Indiana Pacers.

I asked Mike is he had any idea how much the necklace (chain) was worth. I could not stop staring at it. It was glitzy gold and silver and HUGE. Mike said that he saw Jermaine in Utah years ago and he had on some really big diamond earrings. Mike said, "Maybe he doesn't believe in banks." :> I think these may be the same earrings in this photo.

Jermaine seemed like a nice guy just out shopping with his family. The Best Buy computer sales guys were scurrying too and fro trying to help him. I am sure they went home and told all their buddies that they sold a laptop to Jermaine O'Neal. I probably would have too.

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