Thursday, January 15, 2009

Little Ladder

The painting crew has a small ladder that Jasper loves to climb. He thinks it's his monkey bars.

Yes, that's a spoon in Jasper's hand. He is teething (again) and loves to chew on it.

All the painters are very nice to Jasper and put up with us while we were still picking bedroom colors at the last possible minute.

The taught Jasper to roll the blue tape like a toy. Of course Jasper just wanted to throw the tape, and anything else he could get his hands on down the stairs.

Birthday Fun!

We had a Birthday Party for Mike at the firm yesterday.

I got a Dairy Queen ice cream cake for the party. I always get a Costco cake because they are cheaper, then when we are cutting through the 2 inch thick balloons on the cake I always wish that I would have gotten a Dairy Queen cake. So this time I did.

It was delicious. Quite a few people even stuck around and had seconds -- because it is just delicious. So, high marks for the cake.

Of course the real hit at the party was Jasper. He had a great time, and managed to rediscover his favorite thing in the break room -- the recycled water bottles bin. He thinks it is a ball pit, only with water bottles. He loves to climb in and play. Silly boy.

Jasper also had fun climbing on some boxes in Mike's office.

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