Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lunch with Mike --- and a visit to the firm

I went to the dentist and my friend who watched Jasper said that he was not too happy this morning.

I thought that maybe lunch with daddy might be a nice pick-me-up -- for both of us!

After a quick lunch Mike said that we could come into the firm for a visit since it was still the lunch hour.

Jasper loves to see everyone. His first stop was the office supply closet, where he immediately got the vacuum out and and tried to push it out into the hall. Grandma Sharon tried to helped him vacuum, but he mostly just wanted to push the entire vacuum down the hall.

Next Jasper was off to the recycle bin, which he thought was some kind of a ball pit, only with water bottles instead of balls. He kept climbing in the recycle bin and playing in the sea of water bottles.

Jasper was happy to drag his dad in a gift of the empty bottle wrapping.

Jasper loved going into Mike's office to see him -- even though Mike was trying to get some work done. Jasper LOVES his daddy.

Thanks for a fun visit everyone!

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