Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Feeling Blessed

A few things....

** This morning I had my bi-annual check-up with my Hematologist at the Comprehensive Cancer Center of Nevada. I had my blood drawn last week and my results came back fine.

Dr. Kinglsey says that I am still a mystery and that I can stop coming to him until I get pregnant again. I will be on blood thinners for the entire pregnancy. It is only 1 shot per day -- so not too bad.

I started going to Dr. Kingsley because when I was 8 months pregnant with Jasper I got a subclavian DVT -- which means I had a blood clot near my lung. I spent a week in the hospital after my left arm turned purple and swelled up.

Over the last year Dr. Kingsley has ordered MANY blood tests, ulrasounds, x-rays, and even a mammogram. He was worried that my blood clot was a precancerous sign, but he just can't find anything wrong. I feel blessed that I seem to be out of the least for now.

** On Monday Jasper and I were heading out the door to run some errands. When we opened the laundry room door to reach the back door we were hit with smoke from an electrical fire. The washer was running and we think the motor burned out. Regardless, our washer is toast. After a few days, we have almost cleared out the horrible smoke smell.

I feel SO GRATEFUL that this happened while Jasper and I were home. If we would have already left, I am afraid that we would have come home to a major fire in our house.

** While Jasper and I were driving home we passed a mom in our neighborhood walking up the hill to our house from Von's. It is 2 miles and uphill all the way. She was pushing a stroller with 3 kids that was loaded down with groceries. I turned around and pulled over to see if I could give her a ride home.

I completely take for granted that our family has 2 cars, and that I can run to the store whenever I want to.

I feel very blessed...for all of the above and much, much more.


Collette said...

Dr. Kingsley was my oncologist as well and he is amazing! So knowledgable and attentive. I'm glad everything is looking good!

Heidi said...

I feel relieved for you...for so many reasons!

Bunting Family said...

Yay for the results! I know you didn't expect bad news but ya know...
You are so nice to everyone, you SHOULD be as blessed as you are!

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