Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On the Mend

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and well wishes toward our speedy recovery.

We are definitely doing better. As Mike says -- We're not 100%, but we hope to be so soon!

Step It Up

It may not look like a step to you, but a new flat of Costco water bottles is just what Jasper needs to reach the kitchen drawers and counter.

He will climb on anything.

When I asked him to climb down, he flashed me "the look".

Tiny Man Down

I am counting down the days until Jasper's two bottom molars are all the way through.

They are half way in and look incredibly painful. Tonight I rubbed them down with Orajel, and they were bleeding and super swollen.

Due to the teething trauma, Jasper's not sleeping well. This morning at 8:35 AM he crashed out for a mini-nap on the futon.

And yes, he's grumpy. Really grumpy.

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