Friday, June 20, 2008

On Our Way Home

Bonnie's younger brother Kevin coaches a T-ball team in Washington (right outside of St. George, Utah). Since I knew that we'd have to stop and nurse anyway, we decided to stop for the T-Ball game. This sounded like a great idea, as I knew Kevin's wife and Bonnie's parents would be there. The item that I did not factor in was the HEAT! I think is was 116 degrees. It felt way too hot to be outside for a ball game, especially after recently spending so much time in the cool Beaver mountains.

I called Mike to see if he minded that we prolong our return a little longer, as Bonnie's parents invited us to eat dinner with them in St. George. Mike said that it was fine and immediately guessed where we were headed --- Chuckarama! I could just eat the scones and honey butter there and be quite happy.

Not only did we get to visit with Kevin and Kim and Bonnie's parents, but I bumped into a couple that Mike and I worked with at the Salt Lake Temple and the mom of one of my childhood friends. What a great stop!

Singing and Dancing

In case you didn't know, I lived in Beaver from 1st grade through 7th grade. In the summer the community theater was held in this old courthouse. The floor with the courtroom was remodeled and served as a stage and seating. These were fun times and great memories. I even remember the song I sang for my first audition, "I Often Go Walking". I loved being in the shows each summer.

Love these guys!

The highlight of our trip was spending time with Bonnie and her family. Bonnie is a wonderful hostess. Among other things, she is a great housekeeper. It is just the example that I needed to get home and get excited about being more tidy and clean. Thanks Bonnie!Above is a classic shot of Brennan & Jaden playing with Jasper. They just adopted him and he loves them. Jasper likes to use their barstool as a walker, but he somehow manages to pull the stool down right on top of himself. In this photo the boys are supervising him, making sure he doesn't hurt himself. Thanks Brennan & Jaden you for all of your help!

Honoring Grandpa

Grandpa is the epitome of community service. He has spent countless hours with the youth sports programs in Beaver. Last week they named one of the ball fields after him, and he could not have been happier. I took Bonnie's boys over to the field for a photo shoot. While we were there we played in the park next door and also spotted some signs with the names of donors on them, and no surprise, there were a few my family's names. My grandpa, grandma, and their three kids.

We tried Jasper in the swing, but he just almost falls out. I tried him on the slide, and he didn't know what to think about it. Bonnie's boys had a fun time on the swings. I attempted to push Jaden while holding Jasper and my camera in the noon day sun. We were a little sweaty when we got back to Bonnie's.

Thank you grandpa for being a great example for us!

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