Saturday, July 11, 2009

Breakfast Club

Jasper is recently obsessed with his stuffed animals. Sometimes they ALL eat breakfast with us. Whew! It takes a long time to feed us all. :>

Jasper discovered Mickey and Minnie at my parent's house last month. My mom was nice enough to let Jasper bring them home with us.

"Puppy" has been in the family for the last year, but Jasper hasn't been interested in him until now.

The nice about our new friends is that if Jasper won't eat something I simply give a bite to one of his friends and then Jasper will take a bite.

It did take a little explaining for Jasper to get the drift that his furry friends have to sit at the table, not in his high chair.

After we're done eating, Jasper's buddies are all his. Thank you for your help Mickey, Minnie and Puppy.

I know, Puppy needs a name. Any suggestions?

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