Monday, April 13, 2009

Ding Dong - Who's Home?

Jasper LOVES to ring the doorbell.

Mike usually indulges him a few times too many when they come home each night after walking down to the mailbox.

We snapped these shots on Easter Sunday. I am sad to say that they are the best photos we got of any of us! Not exactly your traditional Easter photos.

Traveling Family Home Evening

Tonight we walked over to my friend Kerri's house. We gave her some yellow roses from our backyard and enjoyed having Family Home Evening outside in her backyard.

The weather was perfect and we enjoyed seeing the fruits of Kerri and her husband's labors in their newly landscaped backyard.

We had a lesson the Resurrection and then we went inside so Kerri could play "Jesus has Risen" for our closing song. Jasper had a great time plunking away on the piano with Kerri.

I am posting videos of Jasper at the piano for my folks. Enjoy!

Helping Hands

Today I was standing at the island writing out some Thank You cards, and of course my little buddy had to get in on the action.

Jasper climbed right up on his stool and clamoured through the cards.

I decided the easiest way to help him feel a part of things was to trace his tiny hand on the inside on each of the cards.

Jasper was thrilled to participate and be in on things.

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