Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'll Take My Oatmeal in the Sink Please

Jasper will do anything to hop in the sink.

His favorite place to eat the sink, playing with the water.

A Boy and His Barn

I found this barn for Jasper on Craig's List yesterday and went and bought it right away.

In our Stake Center (Church building) the kid's nursery has a similar activity play center, and Jasper LOVES it. I have been wishing we could find one, but I have never seen anything similar (I am sure because it is old).

The barn has a little chute to drop some eggs down (that supposedly the chicken is laying). Jasper likes to shove his trucks and legos down the chute. The legos fit, the cars -- not so well. My job is to rescue the trapped trucks and TRY to teach Jasper not to push the vehicles down there in the first place.

When he rung the barn bell I looked around the kitchen trying to see if my cooking timer was going off, or if the microwave was beeping. It was just my tiny man ringing his bell.

Jasper loves this barn, and besides opening and closing the door, he has so much fun pushing the entire thing across the kitchen floor.

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk...

...even if you just mopped the kitchen floor.

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