Sunday, November 9, 2008

On the Floor

I find that I spend a good deal of my day ON THE FLOOR!

Sometimes I am lucky and I get a hug, most of the time I am reading a story or playing cars. Sometimes I wrestle and play tough with Jasper like he is a little tiger cub.

And a lot of times I am picking up food (is there anything that creates more crumb residue than breaking whole graham crackers into tiny pieces? I know -- that's why Teddy Grahams were invented).

Somehow I ended up on the kitchen floor after church having some tiger cub play time with Jasper and his FAVORITE truck. I am not quite as good at Wrestlemania as Mike -- but I gave it my best shot!

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I am full time wife and Mom. Jasper is my busy 3 year old who keeps us on our toes. I like to sew and craft and make our house a home. I love to be outside and play with my boys.