Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rain, Snow, Sleet or Hail -- The Male Mail Team Rides On

It may be snowing, but the male mail team still delivers!

Thanks boys!

Still Coming Down

I realize that for most of my friends snow is not that big of a deal. But down here in Vegas, this is HUGE! Who knows when it will snow like this again.

I wish that we had a sled, because we live next door to a small hill that everyone is sliding down. I just saw a kid walk past my front door with his snowboard.

All of our trees are falling over with the heavy snow.

Mike just made it home safe from work. He was able to leave early, but it still took him 75 minutes -- which is 1 hour longer than his usual commute. He had to go 20 miles per hour the whole way home. And we all know how painful that is in a car with 306-horsepower engine :>

We're just glad he is home safe.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

The news is calling it a "major weather event". The D.O.T. says that Vegas only has 3 snowplows in town. Yikes!

Jasper can't get enough of it! Especially trying to catch the snowflakes on his tongue.

We walked out the front door to head to the gym and look what we found.

Our airport is not accepting flights or letting flights go out. This never happens in Vegas!

We say -- LET IT SNOW!

We are hoping that Mike can come home a little early and avoid the Vegas drivers who have never driven in snow before.

We plan on sipping hot cocoa with candy canes stirred in and bundling up.

St. George Temple

We had an uplifting visit to the St. George Temple grounds and Visitor's Center a couple weeks ago.

The trees were ablaze in gold and yellow and the sky was a clear bright blue. The Visitor's Center was beautifully decorated for Christmas. Nativities were on display.

And the ultimate "Christmas decoration" is the focal point of the entire Visitor's Center -- Christ, prominently depicted in the Christus statue.

I take Jasper here every time we go to Salt Lake City. When I look back at the photos from our July visit Jasper looks so tiny.

Mike had a blast throwing Jasper high in the air and watching him giggle with delight.

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