Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trick or Treat

We're getting ready!

Can't wait to see Jasper in his Halloween costume. He is going to be Michael Phelps...8 tiny medals and all. He does love to swim you know.

Pack It Up!

I am trying to start packing for our upcoming trip to Kirtland, OH and Palmyra, NY. Step 1 was simply to get all of the luggage out. Jasper was thrilled, and thought that I put the suitcases out just for him. He spent a good hour opening and closing them.

Jasper loved that the tiny suitcase was inside of a larger one -- a double deal to open and close.

He kept putting his pumpkin in the suitcase and packing it up, and then unpacking it.

I love my little helper. Unfortunately, we don't seem to get much done during the day besides our basic daily chores. We do have a lot of fun playing together!

Matching Hair Cuts

Since Jasper's hair grows really fast, we went super short on this hair cut. Mike was thrilled, because now he and Jasper have matching hair cuts

Monday, September 22, 2008

Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers . . . Jasper is in the House!

Jasper is my trusty assistant in all shopping endeavors. He is usually really happy in the front of the shopping cart. But while we were checking out today, he wanted to venture into the cart with the groceries.

Jasper had so much fun grabbing the bars that the grocery bags hang on, and twirling it around and around. He thought it was the funnest game in town. Luckily our checker was ultra patient with Jasper's antics. I can't wait until our next Wal-Mart adventure with my shopping buddy.

Time for a Hair Cut

Jasper has never been lacking for hair. Even in my ultrasounds we could see his locks waving around. According to the ultrasound images, he looked like he was going to be born with a mullet. Mike would always joke with me that he needed to pack some scissors in my hospital bag so I could trim Jasper's hair if needed.

Jasper got his first hair cut at 6 weeks, and he really needed it. Now he usually gets his hair cut when Mike and I get a trim, and he usually needs a hair cut much worse than we do.

This morning after his bath I plopped Jasper into the high chair for some breakfast. I had not combed his hair, and just couldn't resist snapping a few photos of "the hair". His hair cut is scheduled for this afternoon.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Have You Seen My Baby?

I keep our old camera upstairs in case I need to capture a "Kodak Moment" on the fly. I finally got around to cleaning off the memory card, and I was excited for the treasures that I found .

Jasper looks to tiny in the photos and it all seems so long ago. Where did my little baby go?

Now Jasper is on the go and busy, busy, busy. No longer entertained by something as boring as a foot rattle. No more chubby cheeked baby lying still in a burrito wrap. Jasper is a fun little man who wants to help out with whatever you are doing.

I have to say that Mike is the best baby burrito wrapper ever. He is the only one that could ever wrap Jasper up tight enough to keep him snug. Way to go Mike!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dinner at the Springs Preserve

Mike's firm sponsored a table for a charity event and we were lucky enough to get 2 tickets. It was held at the Springs Preserve, and it was a wonderful venue. We'd never been to the Springs Preserve before, so we were excited to get to see what it was all about, and not pay the normal $19 each entrance fee. It was nice to get to visit with some of the other attorney's at the firm and their spouses.

It was nice to eat dinner outside, as the temperatures are finally dropping here in Vegas. The best part was to actually be on a date with my sweetheart. Jasper spent some time with some of his favorite playmates -- thanks Megan and gang! Jasper was so good at their house that they videotaped him playing with a truck because they were afraid that no one would believe how good he was. That's my boy!

When we were arriving we ran into my friend Kara Wilson who I worked at Academy for Girls with. She got married last year, and I was excited to meet her husband. Turns out that her husband's employer is a new client of Mike's firm, so he and Mike enjoyed getting to know each other.

Monday, September 15, 2008

...When Daddy Comes Home

When we just can't take it any longer, we go outside and wait for Mike to come home.

Now that Jasper is walking, this is quite an adventure.

We usually meander up and down the street, in and out of our neighbor's driveways, and up and down our front stairs.

This also means that Jasper is coated in a layer of dirt (looks like soot) to me, and has to be dunked in the bath as soon as Mike gets home. But Jasper has such a great time that it makes the 2nd or 3rd bath of the day all worth it.

Since we spend many nights replaying this same routine, I thought it would be fun to document it to look back on one day.

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