Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dinner at the Springs Preserve

Mike's firm sponsored a table for a charity event and we were lucky enough to get 2 tickets. It was held at the Springs Preserve, and it was a wonderful venue. We'd never been to the Springs Preserve before, so we were excited to get to see what it was all about, and not pay the normal $19 each entrance fee. It was nice to get to visit with some of the other attorney's at the firm and their spouses.

It was nice to eat dinner outside, as the temperatures are finally dropping here in Vegas. The best part was to actually be on a date with my sweetheart. Jasper spent some time with some of his favorite playmates -- thanks Megan and gang! Jasper was so good at their house that they videotaped him playing with a truck because they were afraid that no one would believe how good he was. That's my boy!

When we were arriving we ran into my friend Kara Wilson who I worked at Academy for Girls with. She got married last year, and I was excited to meet her husband. Turns out that her husband's employer is a new client of Mike's firm, so he and Mike enjoyed getting to know each other.


Angela said...

Way fun that you and Kara got to reconnect! It is definitely a small world!!! :)

bill, katie, and co. said...

I am so jealous you ran into Kara! How fun. Great posts Ang. Lots of good reading on here.

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