Saturday, September 20, 2008

Have You Seen My Baby?

I keep our old camera upstairs in case I need to capture a "Kodak Moment" on the fly. I finally got around to cleaning off the memory card, and I was excited for the treasures that I found .

Jasper looks to tiny in the photos and it all seems so long ago. Where did my little baby go?

Now Jasper is on the go and busy, busy, busy. No longer entertained by something as boring as a foot rattle. No more chubby cheeked baby lying still in a burrito wrap. Jasper is a fun little man who wants to help out with whatever you are doing.

I have to say that Mike is the best baby burrito wrapper ever. He is the only one that could ever wrap Jasper up tight enough to keep him snug. Way to go Mike!

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Elizabeth said...

Jasper is so cute I love that smile with those big eyes he has. It goes so fast. I miss that stage though I am enjoying my kids very much now. It is bitter sweet watching them grow.

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