Monday, December 1, 2008

We've Been Better...

Mike & I both came down with a terrible case of the stomach flu over the weekend. After losing 10 lbs each, we spent the weekend hooked up to IV's, getting the fluids and medicine that we needed.

Mike's white count was super high and his blood pressure was very low, so he also received IV antibiotics (Cipro), and was on oxygen and a heart rate monitor for a long time. He gave me a little scare!

Little Jasper has spent 3 days with 3 different families while we got the medical attention we needed and recuperated.

Jasper's bottom molars are almost through, so he is not the happiest guy around. Thank you Ashby's, Gornichec's & Gabaldon's. We owe you big time.

Not being able to take care of Jasper is one of the worst things ever. I am so grateful to our friends for all of their help.

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