Sunday, January 18, 2009

Painter Pants

You know that your house is a mess when your kid has his own painter's pants, shirt and shoes.

I have tried out MANY colors of paint, and Jasper has done his share of experimenting with the paint as well. This last week the painters were in full swing and things were even messier than normal.

When we got back to the house (the one we live in now) I noticed how much paint Jasper had accumulated on his little body.

Friday Afternoon

We are obsessed with packing around here, and Jasper is getting a little fed up with all work and no play.

After BEGGING to go out back and enjoy our 70 degree weather, I finally gave in and we went outside so play.

We had such a wonderful time. There is nothing like fresh air and sunshine to lift your spirits. Not to mention Clipos and a good pirate book.

Jasper is in love with rocks, and found a few favorites while we played outside.

We love our beautiful weather, and look forward to more sunny days to come.

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