Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trunk or Treat

We had the BEST time at Trunk or Treat at our church parking lot.

Jasper was Michael Phelps, and I was his #1 fan. His USA track suit and 8 tiny gold medals were a big hit!

I don't really have a lot of portable Halloween decor to decorate our van with, so I went with the theme our costumes and decked our van out in red, white and blue.

We had flags in the back, flags on the side of the van and flags waving in full glory on top (it was a slightly breezy night). We stood out like a sore thumb, but we did receive compliments from many of the younger trunk-or-treaters. We were the "non scary" car.

My friend Becky wore her "lady in waiting" costume. Becky and I handed out candy together from my van. With our flags flying high, everyone thought that Becky was Betsy Ross.

We named our van "America: Past & Present" -- which sounds more like a parade float theme. Mike joined us in a camping chair on the side of the van and we all had a great time!

Monday, October 27, 2008

This One is for You Rosey

Mike's secretary loves to see Jasper in overalls. Hope this makes your day Rosey!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Pink Gorilla Strikes Again

When my friend mentioned that she was taking cupcakes to school for her daughter's birthday I knew it was time for a Pink Gorilla singing telegram.

Her daughter's 4th grade class was amused and Jasper didn't seem nonplussed when he saw his mom's secret identity.

High Centered

On the subwoofer, trying to jump into an empty tub, and this time...on the side of the barn. Jasper is frequently high centering himself.

I keep myself busy getting him out of these precarious situations.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tiny Car for a Tiny Man

This Fiat 126 has been parked in our neighborhood for a while now. Every time we walk by it catches my eye.

If we are on a walk as a family, Mike tells us stories about when he lived in Italy as a teenager and he & a buddy could lift up and move Fiat Cinquecentos.

I think he likes to tell the story so he can whip his Italian accent every time he pronounces Cinquecento.

While Jasper & I were on a walk we decided to stop and take a good look at this tiny little car.

I figured it was just the right size for my tiny little man.

Welcome Home Daddy!

I made this sign for Mike on Monday. I would have taken more time with my artwork if I would have known that Mike would like it enough to keep it on the door still.

We are always happy (thrilled actually) when daddy comes home!


Jasper and I have been walking many miles each day. We are LOVING the weather, and just can't get enough of the sunshine and fall breezes.

We bought our BOB stroller last year with an REI coupon, and it has been well worth it. I love this stroller!

Tucked in the back pocket are our essentials: water bottle, teddy grahams and a sippy cup. In the stroller console I keep my other water bottle, cell phone and keys.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More climbing and sliding

This is the 2nd play center that I bought off Craig's List.

Besides the slide, Jasper LOVES the door -- open & close, open & close. That's the name of his game.

Every day at 3:30 PM Jasper and I are ready for a snack. Today I brought our snacks outside so we could munch while we played.

Our current favorite snack is Wheat Thins Fiber Select Vegetable flavor crackers with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. Yum, yum, yum!

The only problem is that Jasper has to put the 1/2 cracker smothered in orange hummus in his mouth all by himself. Which means -- orange hummus fingers! A little messy, but so worth it. What's a little mess compared to the joy that Jasper gets out of feeding himself?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Climb & slide... & climb some more!

Jasper has been climbing & sliding all day since I bought him two climb and slide play centers that I found on Craig's list last week for 80% less than the original prices.

Since the person I bought them from was selling two, we put one inside and one outside.

True to Jasper form, he climbs up the slide with a car or truck in hand, then turns around and slides down. He even climbs up with his sippy cup in tow. He ALWAYS has to have something in his hand. It's not easy for him to climb up the slide, let alone with only 1 free hand.

Jasper loves a good obstacle!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Little Reminders

Jasper is 13 1/2 months old, and has been obsessed with cars for the last few months. Some babies have comfort blankies or lovies, but Jasper just carries around a car. He has even been known to nurse with a hot wheels car in his little hand.

I find little cars ALL OVER the house. Yesterday I took a photo every time I found a car in an unexpected place.

Mixed in with my make-up, on top of my hot rollers, in the kitchen utensil drawer, in my tennis shoe, in the fridge and in the kitchen towels drawer.

I found a car in the middle of some freshly laundered towels, and the caught the culprit red-handed as he dumped a red sports car in the dryer.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Push Along

With our wonderful weather in the low 8o's it seems like a crime not to go on a walk.

This morning Jasper and I had a great time walking with June & her little girl Audrey. After our walk we went back to their house to play. Audrey loved to be in her car and Jasper loved to push her along. He's such a little gentleman.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'll Take My Oatmeal in the Sink Please

Jasper will do anything to hop in the sink.

His favorite place to eat the sink, playing with the water.

A Boy and His Barn

I found this barn for Jasper on Craig's List yesterday and went and bought it right away.

In our Stake Center (Church building) the kid's nursery has a similar activity play center, and Jasper LOVES it. I have been wishing we could find one, but I have never seen anything similar (I am sure because it is old).

The barn has a little chute to drop some eggs down (that supposedly the chicken is laying). Jasper likes to shove his trucks and legos down the chute. The legos fit, the cars -- not so well. My job is to rescue the trapped trucks and TRY to teach Jasper not to push the vehicles down there in the first place.

When he rung the barn bell I looked around the kitchen trying to see if my cooking timer was going off, or if the microwave was beeping. It was just my tiny man ringing his bell.

Jasper loves this barn, and besides opening and closing the door, he has so much fun pushing the entire thing across the kitchen floor.

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