Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pack It Up!

I am trying to start packing for our upcoming trip to Kirtland, OH and Palmyra, NY. Step 1 was simply to get all of the luggage out. Jasper was thrilled, and thought that I put the suitcases out just for him. He spent a good hour opening and closing them.

Jasper loved that the tiny suitcase was inside of a larger one -- a double deal to open and close.

He kept putting his pumpkin in the suitcase and packing it up, and then unpacking it.

I love my little helper. Unfortunately, we don't seem to get much done during the day besides our basic daily chores. We do have a lot of fun playing together!


The George's said...

Hope you have a great trip!

Angela said...

Wow! I think that I am jealous that you get to go to Palmyra! You know that I was in the Pageant for three summers there...right? That place has a tender spot in my heart! I love it! You will have a great trip! Enjoy every minute! And...I can't believe how big Jasper is getting!

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