Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pool #3

Finally, pool #3.

I bought this pool a few weeks ago. Jasper & I had just returned home from the cool breezes of the Beaver mountains to the 117 degree heat in Las Vegas. As we walked though the pool section we noticed that everyone we passed had this pool in their cart. I decided that we did not need it, took 5 steps, and then turned back for an impulse purchase.

Then the obvious problem arose -- where are we going to put it. It is 10 ft x 6 ft, larger than our patch of fake grass. No problem, we copied our friends and built a wood platform on the rocks. After a late night trip to Lowe's for the supplies, and some drilling and assembly by Mike, we were ready to go.

We placed one tarp on top of the platform and use the other big tarp for the pool cover. It is NOT pretty, but it works.

Jasper LOVES to crawl up an down the pool. This pool is a winner because he can stand up and hold onto the sides, but he can't get out...yet.

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